Luca Quacquarella
No. 48 Mactaggart Road #03-02
MAE Industrial Building – Singapore


Simply Beautiful!



The creator of my guitar is one hell of a fantastic fellow. His passion made me the best guitar in the world that is second to none.

I only had to tell him about the kinda sound I wanted. And he started selecting the wood for the build. We then discussed colors and hardware. After a few weeks, he painstakingly, with blood, sweat and tears, shaped the neck and body from mere planks into a very beautiful instrument.

Now, I feel more confident (or complete? Haha) when practicing or performing, knowing I have the honour of a world-class guitar in my hands.

Simply beautiful guitar!


Arnold San Juan


It is a true pleasure to write a testimonial about a luthier like Luqaa. I’ve been bringing my Gibson Les Paul electric guitars to him for work ranging from easy setups to complete refinishing projects. I am not a guy who goes by specific details but by feel, which is harder for a luthier. And each and every time I find that I not only appreciate the skill and quality of the work- which is exceptional, but that I marvel at the way the instrument feels and plays upon it’s return.

There are very few luthiers that I would trust to touch one of my guitars. He has sweat over it, cursed at it, nurtured it, even performed surgery on it. Through it all I could always count on my guitar being ready for play and sounding its best. Some specifics that impress me about Lucaa:

  • He’s always trying to learn
  • He makes sure to take whatever time is needed
  • He’s honest and straightforward
  • He’s always friendly and helpful even under duress
  • He could beat me up if he wanted, but doesn’t seem to want to

On top of that, he is one of the nicest guys I know and a great hang.


Daniel Tan